Friday, December 7, 2007

10 Tips on How to Pick Out Jewelry for Her

Giving a woman jewelry is likely to constantly remind them how much you appreciate them. This makes jewelry a very enticing gift, however, most men would agree that selecting jewelry for a woman can be challenging. Successfully choosing jewelry that she will appreciate and wear will convey that you know her and her style. This is a priceless gift in itself and is very impressive to a woman. Even if you don’t know a lot about women’s styles or jewelry, following these 10 tips can help prepare you to select something that your special woman will love!

  1. What type and/or color of stones are in her jewelry collection (snoop!), particularly the pieces that she wears? These are likely the stones that she prefers.
  2. Does she predominantly wear gold or silver? If she predominantly wears silver, it may be likely that she doesn’t like to wear gold.
  3. Does she wear larger or smaller/understated pieces? Maybe she wears simple pieces around the house and to work, and more pronounced pieces to go out to parties, dinners, etc..
  4. Notice the size of her neck and wrists. If she is average sized, most jewelry should fit her. For necklaces, lengths of 16” to 18” are likely to fit. If she likes to wear low hanging necklaces, 20” or longer may be appropriate. If her wrists are particularly petite or large, you may want to contact the designer or jeweler to see if the size can be specially modified.
  5. Observe the style of her clothing, including what she is wearing to work and also for going out. It is likely that she will want her jewelry to coordinate with her clothing.
  6. Observe which colors that she likes to wear and which colors are flattering for her. Once again, she will likely want to coordinate.
  7. Ask her friends what she might like. Be sure to ask a friend that is not going to tell her.
  8. If you are looking to purchase jewelry with a more unique presence, you might consider one-of-a-kind or limited edition designer pieces.
  9. If you buy her something unique, it may be nice to buy it in a set of necklace and earrings, or necklace, earrings, and a bracelet. For example, if you buy her just the necklace or earrings, it may be challenging for her to find the counterpart to match. Or you can give her another piece of the set for a different holiday.
  10. It is okay to take risks! After all, it is possible that she does not make the effort to buy herself special pieces and would greatly appreciate them. Sometimes it takes another person to have the perception to know what would look good on somebody else, especially if you find a unique piece of jewelry. And, if she is particularly busy, she may not have the time or energy to update her jewelry collection and search out the pieces that she may find to be special. She will likely cherish your efforts more that you will know!

Now that you are ready to select some jewelry for either your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter, or friend, you will need to decide on where to make this purchase. If you have limited free time, shopping on the internet can be a convenient option that will provide you with the greatest variety of jewelry pieces. If you know her favorite boutique, stop by and see if there is anything that she might like. Or, peruse the many other options, such as department stores, malls, art galleries, etc.. Be sure to inquire about the type of metal that is used. You will want to ask if this metal (silver, gold, platinum, etc.) is solid or plated. Also, it is good to ask if the stones are natural or man-made. Surprisingly, there are many man-made or died versions of stones out there. Also, you may want to know if the jewelry is hand-made. Hand-made jewelry tends to have a more authentic look to it. If you are buying directly from a designer on the internet, you can usually find this information within their website.

Jewelry is a wonderful gift that is timeless and can fit into any woman’s busy schedule. It can be a mark of sophistication, status, and even a statement that they are adorned by somebody who loves them. It is often intimidating for men to pick-out jewelry for women, but the effort is well worth how much she will appreciate her new jewelry.

This article was written by jewelry designer, Anna Bloom, owner of Anna Bloom – Limited Edition Designs ( She can be contacted at:

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Katerina Shah said...

Thank you for sharing these guidelines for jewelry selection. On occasions like Anniversaries and Birthdays, when we want to show our affection, Jewelry is the best solution. As you said, the best way to find out her likes is to observe what she wears. This will definitely lead to the right choice of jewelry for gifting.

Anonymous said...

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Scott Adams said...

I like that you suggested looking at what colors she likes to wear most of the time, so you can match it. I have been wanting to buy my girlfriend jewelry for our anniversary. I can see how it would be good to choose something that matches black, because it's what she wears most of the time.

Unknown said...

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